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Narrate EACH Moment of what your child is doing and what you are doing.

OBSERVE your child to tune into what they may be thinking at THAT moment and provide a model of a single word or a few words that would express the child's thoughts.

Be your child's voice. 

OVEREMPHASIZE a word that you think your child may be able to attempt to imitate. EXAGGERATE how you say the word or prolong the initial sound of the word.

Provide the model of the target word MULTIPLE times, within the context of the moment. PAUSE slightly before the last model of the target word, looking expectantly at your child for about 3-5 seconds, then provide the modeled response if they do not attempt to respond. If they do attempt a response, enthusiastically validate their attempt, repeat the model, and reinforce it by giving the item, doing the action, or with verbal praise.

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