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Look What's New!! How Does Bunjee Feel? Gift Box Set!

Includes the lift flap board book & Bunjee finger puppets!

Plan now for holiday or birthday gift giving!

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   How Does Bunjee Feel? is now available on Amazon, but exclusive bundle items can only be purchased on the website.

Discounts and signed copies are website only.
To receive a signed copy of the board book, comment "signed" in the Add a Note box at check out. 


*Send an email to to inquire about
Bulk Purchase Orders (over 5 items).

Free Local Delivery/Pickup Available if you are in the Long Island area.

"How Does Bunjee Feel?" introduces emotions
with short, relatable story scenes.

Lift the flap to see Bunjee change color as she reacts to familiar situations that toddlers & preschoolers can relate to their own experiences!

   For years I have been adapting books for speech therapy sessions by changing the wording into short, simple, relatable stories that would grab the child's attention.

    I developed a way to encourage the child to participate by using the phrase, "You tell _" to have them "tell" the character something, in their own way, by using a gesture, pointing, or imitating the model of the sound/word.
They loved it - because they felt empowered to be able to "tell" someone something! 

   Seeing such a positive impact, made me want to empower more children in this way- which is why I created the You Tell Bunjee Books!

Are you ready to add to your children's book collection?

   This lift flap book has repetitive lines, uses strategies of modeling, pausing and the phrase, "You tell Bunjee _" to encourage participation and responding!



Speech-Language Therapy
Strategies, Tips, and Guidance
Parents & Caregivers 
of Toddlers

LEARN how to start building your child's communication skills NOW!


NY State License in Speech-Language Pathology

Certificate of Clinical Competence -

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Certified Teacher of Speech and Hearing Handicapped

M.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders - Adelphi University


Josie C. Mott MS CCC-SLP

    I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist, who works with toddlers. I have provided speech-language services for over 20 years in toddlers' homes and daycares through the NY State Department of Health Early Intervention Program. I have also provided Parent Coaching through TeleHealth services.

   I have seen parents learn the strategies speech therapists use and become empowered, once they realize how they are helping their child to communicate - and I want to help YOU to do the same!


Start Building your child's Communication Skills NOW!

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